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Brad Richards Trade Talk Roundup: 12/1

If you're like me and you have some Google Alerts set for up for things like "Dallas Stars" or "Brad Richards", you're probably seeing some pretty funny stuff come across your inbox. Forum comments, advertisements, the Bleacher Report...all kinds of extraneous bile finds it's way in there. I just try to ignore it.

But here's the thing: This Brad Richards tragedy/drama/comedy is going down whether we like it or not over the course of the next 90 days or so. The Stars have to ignore it and play hockey. Brad Richards has to ignore it. I do not. Not because I am worried about it and not because I am anxiously awaiting it, but because it's flat out entertaining to watch the hockey world twist it's collective testes in a knot over this.

So for a chuckle...

The Province mentions in him with an almost-Yankee/Cliff Lee like off-handed comment... It's also funny because it's about how bad the Leafs are.

OK, we'll grant some reasons for optimism. Jonas Gustavsson is playing well in goal. There's room under the salary cap to add a top-end forward like Brad Richards.

ESPN Los Angeles makes mention of him in the absurd trade ideas their fans are having during their awful stretch right now. It's also funny because it's about how bad the Kings are.

Jarome Iginla, Brad Richards, Tomas Fleischmann. Every day it seems a different player is headed to Los Angeles to provide that final piece of the puzzle.

Elliotte Friedman says...

Brad Richards made it very clear: If he hits free agency (and he probably will), his choice is a team with solid ownership. After Tampa Bay and Dallas, you can't blame him for that.

The hockey world does not consider Dallas re-signing him to be an option at this point, evidently.

Puck Daddy (Wyshynski) said this on their chat today:

I think it would take a huge Stars collapse for him to be traded, and the only way that's happening is if Lehtonen gets hurt. So, yeah, I guess it could happen...

That's either reassuring or just a crack at Lehtonen.

Capitals fans are plotting hard for him. Because they don't already have the best record in hockey or anything...

Mike Richards can't even get his name spelled right...

Brad Richards, the captain of the team, leads Philadelphia with 25 points, but he has been held to just one assist in his last three games without a goal.

Three more months of this...