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Stargazing: Stars Off Until Thursday after Shellacking in Denver

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That was a tough one last night. The Colorado Avalanche dominated the Dallas Stars once again on their home ice and those speedy young legs of theirs proved too much to handle yet again, regardless of the back to back situation. The Stars have trouble with these fast paced, speedy young teams and that's something they'll have to find a solution for if they're to make it back to the post-season.

Derek at Mile High Hockey sums up the feeling a lot of us had watching that game last night as Stars fans, except he was wondering about the Avs...

Wow. Is this the same team that played on Thursday night? The names and numbers were the same, but this was not even close to the same team.

When it got to 3-0 I started saying out loud "How is the same team I watched dismantle the Coyotes last night??" It just goes to show you that every team has these ups and downs and a bad game here or there is followed with a good effort... at least we hope it is. A four day wait, however, stands between Dallas and redemption for last nights stinker. Then on Thursday night the Stars will face their toughest challenge yet this year: The Los Angeles Kings and Staples Center.

While we stew on this one for a bit and watch some football, here are some links...


  • The Texas Stars had a similarly crummy night on Friday, losing to the OKC Barons 6-1. Silver lining: Larsen assisted on only Stars goal? [Statesman]
  • Here's a nauseatingly exuberant post at Mile High Hockey about the young little Avs. [Mile High Hockey]
  • Dupuis' shorthanded goal was the first of his career, and apparently it was his first time playing on the penalty kill, to add insult to injury. Geez. []
  • Mike Heika has quotes from players. They don't seem to concerned with it. Crawford mentions "playing three in four", which you really hope none of the players actually use as an excuse. Everyone plays back to back in this league. [DMN]
  • Stepneski says the Stars were outshot 20-8 in the final period and that Mike Ribeiro lost 14 of 15 faceoffs he took in the game. Plus various other sunshiny stats to cheer you up. #sarcasm [ESPN Dallas]
  • Minnesota North Star great Dino Ciccarelli will be inducted to the hall of fame on Monday. [DMN]
  • Loui Eriksson is one of "Five players who have been hot" [] Not a very catchy feature name. Loui looked flawless this week until that huge boo boo last night.
  • Don't worry folks, I'm sure the Cowboys will cheer you up tonight ;)