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Stargazing: Still Sifting Through the Penguin Rubble

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Beyond the spectacle of seeing an offensive NHL star drop the gloves and savagely beat someone, the Crosby/Niskanen fight has resurrected the "Do you want your star players fighting?" conversation. I'm sure the general feeling of the Penguin fan at the time, down three goals late in the second period, was "Why not?"

A lot of people talk about potential embarrassment (like if Crosby were to fight almost any other Dallas Star) and potential injury, but isn't winning the game at hand the only thing that matters? The Penguins were down three goals with 26 minutes to play. The skilled Penguins don't think they can get three goals in 26 minutes? Of course they can, but not if their best player is in the box for five minutes (or maybe more if waiting for a whistle).

All Sid really offered was a trade: Five minutes of his ice time for five minutes of Matt Niskanen's. That's a trade you make, and one that makes Benn and Morrow in the Stars box at the same time easier to swallow. It was exhilarating to watch Jamie Benn take on anyone who wanted a piece last night, but only because they were winning. Had things been reversed I would surely have been grumbling during the fights: "Great, how many goals is this worth?"

What do you think? Is 5-7 minutes in the box for "firing up your team" worth it for a star player? Or would you rather have them on the ice?


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