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Sidney Crosby, Matt Niskanen React to 'Epic Fight'

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This is going to be the last time we really cover this fight.

Sidney Crosby taking on Matt Niskanen last night made headlines around the hockey world, as Crosby is a lightning rod superstar who rarely drops the gloves. As someone who has worked with the "big guys" in this media business, there's a reason why Crosby gets so much attention: the fans are obsessed with him, whether they love or hate the guy. So when he gets in a fight, it's going to be big news.

Now, the merits of fighting a player like Niskanen are debatable. Niskanen is a relatively small defenseman while Crosby is a very solidly built young hockey player. In fact, he's one of the strongest in the NHL and I guarantee you his strength caught Niskanen by complete surprise. The fact that Niskanen has just two fights under his belt in his career (technically) and that he's about the least aggressive and physical player on the Dallas Stars has some fans raising their eyebrows a bit.v

Some say that Crosby singled Niskanen out because he was small, but to me that's beside the point; Crosby challenged Niskanen to a fight and Niskanen accepted. The consequences of that acceptance are purely at Niskanen's feet. So while some are jumping all over Crosby for taking on Niskanen, in reality I'm proud of our young and embattled defenseman for stepping up and doing his part. Which apparently meant getting pounded down into the ice.

To be fair, Niskanen held his own until Crosby started jerking him around like a rag doll, getting him off balance while throwing haymakers at the same time. I guarantee you Niskanen is going to be taking some lessons on how to keep your feet during a fight from now on.

Of course, I think we should all concentrate on Jamie Benn's two fights. Those were awesome.

Both players, of course, talked about the fight after the game. Quotes after the jump.

Sidney Crosby:

"Morrow went after Letang there, so it was just a response, sticking up for Tanger. I don’t think you really need to fight him there, but that’s all it was."

That's about all he had to say. He stated several times it was about sticking for Letang, who had just fought with Brenden Morrow a minute before.

Matt Niskanen:

"I never saw that coming. We were up 4-1 and he was trying to get the team going a little bit, he asked me to go, and we went. I got him hard once in the helmet, if that counts. I hadn’t said a word to him all night. I wasn’t on the ice with him all night.  I think he picked me out. Maybe I was the smallest guy out there, I don’t know."

"I think he probably picked me out. Maybe I was the smallest guy out there. I don’t know."

"He’s pretty strong on his skates and he probably had the upper hand a little bit."

And when asked if this is something he'll tell his grandkids about:

"That I got beat up by Sidney Crosby? I suppose not too many guys are in that club."

Quotes credited to ESPN Dallas,