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Stargazing: What Did You Think of Versus' Stars Coverage?

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There were some dismayed Stars fans last night when, in the first intermission, our reporting hero and friend Mike Heika appeared on the Versus intermission report and the very first quesiton asked was about Marty Turco and Mike Modano. After all, we left all that behind a while back, right?

The frustration of the fans here in Dallas is understandable but you have to know that the broadcast isn't aimed at us like the FSN show is. It would be nice if they would spend their time talking about how awesome Jamie Benn is or about how well Kari Lehtonen is holding up, but on the condensed national stage, everything gets boiled down to what they think the most people want to hear about (or are already familiar with). It happens with every team. They say "Oilers" and people think "They suck? Taylor Hall?" or they say Buffalo Sabres and people think "Uhh...Tyler Myers? Ryan Miller?" and when they say Dallas Stars, people think "Mike Modano? Brad Richards?"

Which brings us to the next little tidbit from the Stars national tv appearance: Mike Heika said it could be "nearly impossible" to keep Brad Richards, which is not a tone his writing typically takes because Mike too is conscious of his audience, but still it needed to be said and it's hard to argue with at this point in time. [Update] Mike elaborates on his Brad Richards point here on his blog.

It's interesting to see your team through the lens of national television. What we learned is that the hockey world is not yet taking the Stars seriously, they're not sure how to characterize it without Mike Modano, and that Brad Richards lust is just getting started.


  • $150 million seems low for the Buffalo Sabres, even if it a rumor. I'm no expert on what assets are included when compared to the sale of the Stars, but if they're even talking about $100 million less than the Stars lenders are asking, it makes you wonder what that does to the "market." [Yahoo!]
  • Canes Coach Paul Maurice had a good quote after the game last night: "Our schedule is not going to change. It's [expletive] from start to finish. We just have to deal with it." I think you can figure out what word he put in there. [Charlotte Observer]
  • Speaking of which, Canes Country points at the busy schedule as well. "Third game in four nights" (it was for Dallas as well.) "Fourth game in six nights" (It was for Dallas too), but we'd probably cite that had the tables been turned. It's like Maurice said...the schedule is [expletive].
  • Tim Cowlishaw says something about the Stars that actually isn't meant to make fans want to hurl themselves off a tall building. Will wonders never cease? [DMN]
  • All the gory details of Modano's wrist injury, surgery and recovery. Sounds like hard times for Mike right now and a very serious rehab process to make sure the remainder of his life isn't affected. [USA Today]
  • Forbes says the Thrashers, Stars, Hurricanes, Predators, Kings and Blues are all for sale right now. [Forbes]
  • Mike Heika says the only thing for the Stars to do after Glennie left off Team Canada roster is to hope it motivates him to work that much harder. [DMN]