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Dallas Stars Ups & Downs - Week 8

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We can all agree four wins this week is great, but of course we all know those were not all exactly perfect wins.  Still, as Brad mentioned in a post over the weekend we Dallas Stars fans should be feeling quite positive about the players overall and this weeks ups and downs reflects that.

Goalies Trend Notes
Kari Lehtonen I know many would name Brad Richards as the automatic Stars MVP so far this season, but Kari would deserve a fair amount of votes as well including mine.
Andrew Raycroft Only had the one start and it was a good one against Ottawa.  True the defense in front of him played exceptionally well, but a goalie does need to make saves even if he only faces a small amount of shots.
Trevor Daley He sure seems to be doing a lot more deep-in-the-opposing zone rushes isn't he?  His speed will allow it and as long as he keeps working hard every game fans should be happy with it.
Jeff Woywitka He's not going to replace the kind of play that Mark Fistric brings, but he kept his play simple and was a nice replacement for Dallas.
Nicklas Grossman In open ice he may struggle a little, but if he catches a guy along the boards he is automatic to shut them down.
Matt Niskanen Play was sub-par and was one of only two defensemen for the Stars to be a minus player this week.  Skrastins was the other.
Stephane Robidas Last night better not have been Robi's last visit to Carolina this season.  I fully expect him to be back there in late Janurary.
Karlis Skrastins I'm sorry I jinxed you Karlis.  A day after I threw out the comment that he hadn't misplayed much in a long while, he goes and find himself in some very poor positions against the Sens and the home game against the Blues.
Jamie Benn Add Erik Johnson's name to the "Jamie Benn made me look like a fool handling the puck" club which also counts Tyler Myers and Drew Doughty as members.
Krys Barch Injured in the Ottawa game, so consider this a big 'incomplete'
Tom Wandell Started getting better as the week went on.  Needs to keep using his speed to generate open ice for himself.
Adam Burish Any time the Stars get the puck and he's on the ice, he's almost automatically crashing the net.  He's due for a goal or two.
Loui Eriksson Finally snapped the nine game goal drought and at the same time has hopefully re-sparked the Stars power play.
Brenden Morrow Had a pretty good week point production wise and everywhere else - shots, hits, hustle - he was every bit a leader.
James Neal 'Real Deal' is back in full effect.  An absolute beast against the Hurricanes.
Steve Ott Too bad the term 'Dynamic Duo' is already taken because Ott along with Benn on the penalty kill - and pretty much any time they are together on the ice - has been exactly that.
Toby Petersen Did have a bit better of a week compared to the previous week.
Mike Ribeiro Two of his three goals and game winners.  Of course he continues to be as fine a puck passer as there is in the western conference.
Brad Richards For you Twitter users, maybe it's time to start a #KeepRichardsInDallas meme.
Brandon Segal He's starting to develop some nice chemistry with Wandell, but he needs to take a cue from Burish and crash the net as often as possible.
Brian Sutherby Started two very ill-advised fights and lost them both handily.  Please keep the gloves on!