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And Now, Your Marty Turco Update

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Don't expect us to update you on what Allan Bester is doing these days, though, OK? Although, if anyone really knows what he's doing, feel free to post an update in the comments section.

But if we're going to do an update on how Mikey Mo's doing in Motown, might as well do a post on how Turco's doing in Second City, aka The Windy City, aka Home of the Defending Stanley Cup Champions.

And no, I couldn't resist with that last line. It sounds so great. Would sound even better if it were describing our Dallas Stars. Or any of our Dallas teams for that matter.

Anyway, after being told on May 17th the Stars wouldn't offer him a contract, Marty Turco turned down an offer from the Philadelphia Flyers early on in free agency reportedly worth $6 million for three years so he could see what else was out there.

And he waited...and waited...and waited.

Finally a month later, Turco got a break when Antti Niemi won an arbitration award of $2.75 million. One that was too high for the cap strapped Blackhawks to accept, so they walked away and offered Turco a one year deal worth $1.3 million. Obviously, not the break Turco was looking for.

But at that point in early August, the market had dried up so Turco had no choice but to take the deal and hope his play this season would land him a bigger pay day next July.

So how's he done in Chicago?

Find out after the jump

Turco fans will be happy to know that he really hasn't changed that much. He's put up a 6-3-1 record with a 2.67 GAA, which is slightly better than the 2.72 GAA he put up last season in Dallas.

Now, I can already hear some of you Turco detractors now. I hear you saying...

He's playing behind a better defense and his GAA is only marginally better?

Well...yes, I assume you could say that he's playing behind a better defense. Obviously having a Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith on your blueline would help out any goaltender.

But also recall, the Hawks did have to do a little retooling on the bottom part of the blue line corps and forward lines thanks to the salary cap. Anytime you have a big roster turnover, there will be an adjustment period.

And it shows in the shot totals the Hawks have been giving up. Last year, Turco averaged around 30 shots faced per game. This year, he's still averaging 30 shots per game. I expect that number to go down as the season progresses and the Hawks roster gets a little more cohesive.

This early in the season, I'm not sure statistical measurements will be able to tell us what the eyes tell us. And while I'm a pretty big Hawks fan, I've only been able to watch one game on the tube all season. That was opening night in Colorado.

So I ventured over to Second City Hockey, a site I'm quite familiar with considering the number of GDTs I visited and participated in the last two springs, and sampled some of the recaps from this season.

I saw some comments indicating solid play from Turco, occasionally magnificent, and some bemoaning of bad goals.

And I also saw this from an October 15th recap of a 5-2 win over Columbus:

Turco was fine, though the guy makes more saves facing the wrong way than any goalie I've ever seen in a Hawks sweater.

In other words, Turco's the same Turco we grew to love here in Dallas.