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Dallas Stars Ups And Downs - Week 7

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Inconsistency: Thy name is the Dallas Stars.  Two gritty wins against divisions rivals, followed by a just as gritty overtime loss to Colorado had us feeling ok about this team, where it was heading and how it wasn't the most idea way to win games. but we sure couldn't argue with the heart this team has.  Then came last night and a brutal loss to the Maple Leafs - a team that by all rights the Stars should be beating if they want to entertain playoff hopes come spring.

(Attached to the post as well is our fan confidence poll which you can always vote on at the left side of the blog.  Think of it as your way of giving the Stars as a team an 'up' or 'down' vote based on their recent play and coaching)

Goalies Trend Notes
Kari Lehtonen Kept the team in games that Stars really didn't deserve to be in, and in the Leafs game he was the only reason it wasn't a complete blowout early.
Andrew Raycroft We didn't see him at all this week, so of course it's not really fair to say he's up or down.  That is supposed to change this coming week and he will get a start we're told.
Trevor Daley He's certainly making a lot more rushes into the offensive zone isn't he?  Now if we can only get his feet moving like that in the defensive zone.
Mark Fistric The effort and work ethic is there and we're not questioning that, but his positioning on ice and his missed defensive assignments at times prevent us from giving him an 'up'
Nicklas Grossman The physical play is there and he is sure making opponents think twice about challenging him along the boards, but he is prone to give up a big pass or turnover that causes a scoring chance against.
Matt Niskanen When he's on his game, he's reliable and helps generate offense.  When he's not on it, he's all kinds of a liability on the ice and helps generate offense for the other team.
Stephane Robidas Mr. Defensive Everything for the Stars with some offense thrown in for good measure.  This is one guy who should be an all-star again.
Karlis Skrastins Think, when was the last time you said to yourself "Skrastins should have been better on that play"?  It's been a while right?
Jamie Benn Lost a little bit of that fire he had shown in previous weeks.
Krys Barch I don't care if he outright wins his fights... All that matters is that for the very brief ice time he gets in a game he goes all out in those shifts.  He certainly did this week.
Tom Wandell In the two Stars wins he looked good, skated well and generated shots.  In the two losses, he was nearly invisible.
Adam Burish His (granted lucky) goal kick started the rally against Colorado, but for the amount of ice time he gets, it'd be nice to see a little more production out of him.
Loui Eriksson Picking up the assists and it's not as if his play is hurting the Richards line, but it's been a while since he scored.
Brenden Morrow Overall he had a pretty good week, but taking that extra unsportsmanlike penalty against Colorado was almost a backbreaker in that game and was a sign of the younger and less-disciplined Morrow that we thought he grew out of.
James Neal He's scoring power play goals and his play on 5 on 5's is starting to match his work on the power play.
Steve Ott Maybe instead of "Ott-ober" we should start celebrating "N-Ott-vember"?  This has been a much better month for him.
Toby Petersen Three very average games for him except against Colorado where he wasn't good at all and was benched in the third period after only three minutes of play in the first two periods.
Mike Ribeiro Finally has a crooked number in the goal column and is looking more confident in his play because of it.
Brad Richards Memo to Maple Leafs fans: Brad scoring against your Leafs isn't a preview of what he can do for your team.
Brandon Segal Didn't really do anything in the two Stars wins and was a healthy scratch in the other two games.. but then those were losses, so maybe he's needed after all?
Brian Sutherby Much like Segal he was scratched for two of the four games and the two games he was in he was hardly noticeable.  All one of these two players has to do is just step his game up a little and they'll have a regular spot in the lineup.