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Stargazing: Taylor's Gift Night Expected to Draw a Big Crowd

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Our man Brad reports via Twitter that ticket sales for tonight's game are brisk. And that's great news not only for the Dallas Stars, but also for the cause championed by Todd and Tara Storch, organ donation, in the name of their late daughter, Taylor Storch, who tragically passed away on a family ski trip in Colorado when she was 13.

Taylor's parents made the decision to donate her organs. That decision helped save five lives.


  • For those going to the game tonight, the Dallas Stars Foundation will have tables set up where fans can donate to Taylor's Gift as well as register to become organ donors. Proceeds from tonight's game will also be donated to this great cause.

    Also, props to the Colorado Avalanche coaching staff for helping to promote this cause. Avs players will use sticks with blue tape, just like the Stars players will. And just as the Stars coaching staff will be donning blue ties, so too will Joe Sacco and his assistants. []
  • Jeff Miller of the Dallas Morning News was out at the morning skate today and reports that Marc Crawford hinted at making a change in the forward lines. One possible candidate to re-enter the lineup according to Miller is Brian Sutherby, who's been a healthy scratch in three of the last four Stars games. [Dallas Morning News]
  • And I don't mean to toot my own horn. But at the end of my last Hockeymetrics post on Thursday, I noted that the Stars losing streaks have all had the common denominator of a lack of even strength goal scoring.

    Well in the first 57 minutes of Thursday's game against San Jose, the Stars had scored exactly one even strength goal in the game. Not coincidentally, they were also down 4-2. Three even strength goals in 5:27 later, Mike Ribeiro's season long goal scoring drought wasn't the only thing that had been snapped. A five game string in which the Stars had scored two or fewer even strength goals was also snapped.