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Introducing the DBD Stars Ticket Center


Introducing: The Defending Big D Stars Ticket Center

Defending Big D and several other SB Nation blogs are teaming up with TiqIQ to provide you with a one-stop ticket shopping experience for those who wish (or need) to acquire tickets via an online ticket broker such as Stub Hub.

What's cool about this is that it's aggregated data from many different outlets (Stub Hub, eBay, Tickets Now, Ticket-Network) into one place and it shows you the average price broken down by sectors of the American Airlines Center so you can judge value easier. The data shows you...

  • Current average price of tickets in any given TiqZone of the arena...
  • Pricing history, from the day tickets went on sale to today, of tickets in any given TiqZone, allowing you to look at trends and figure out when the smartest time to buy tickets might be...
  • Percentage above or below face value a ticket is currently selling for. This one is important.
  • The percentage above or below the average ticket price a ticket is currently selling for...
  • TiqIQ rating: A color-coded icon letting you know at a glance if a ticket is a "good deal" or a bad one.

Why not just buy tickets from the Stars? In many cases that is definitely your cheapest option to be quite honest. There's no doubt about that. There will be many times, however, when tickets are available through this tool at below face-value. I can find several like that for the Wild game on December 4th. Not surprisingly, the cost of a ticket is a little higher on the 2nd when the Caps come to town. This tool allows you to see things like that and help you determine what is a good value for a given game.

We are hopeful that this tool will also be useful as an analysis tool here on the blog. Fond as we are of analyzing attendance, this can show us trends as they relate to weekends vs weekdays, division games vs Eastern Conference match-ups, etc.

The ticket center can be found any time by clicking "Tickets" on the top navigation bar of Defending Big D, pictured here: