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Dallas Stars Power Ranking Roundup: Week 5

We're trying out a new feature here at DBD: Power Ranking Roundup. It's a totally original idea that isn't being done anywhere else. #sarcasm

Some places do their power rankings on Mondays. Some on Tuesdays. Some still haven't done them yet... After an ugly loss to the Avalanche on Saturday night following a three game win streak,  the Dallas Stars numbers are all over the place once again, ranging from 6th to 18th.

Next weeks perceptions will be based entirely on a back to back set on late night television against two division teams playing extremely well. I fear it.

Previously: Apparently there's going to be one snide "Lehtonen won't stay healthy forever!" comment per week. Update: No one said it this week!

(Format stolen rather blatantly from the greatness of Japers Rink. Give them a click.)

Site This Week Last Week What They're Saying
The precipitous drop at CBS continues down to number 18. They like Lou Eriksson's production though.

The Stars 3 game win streak helped perceptions at the Dispatch quite a bit.

15 They move up here as well, slightly. They mention highly ranked offense and Kari Lehtonens continued good health.
They mention Loui Eriksson as well. Mr. Eriksson is quite the popular guy these days with his hot goal scoring pace.
Mike Ribeiro's goalless drought is the subject here. Poor Ribs.
10 Not available yet. I think I voted them 9th or so in the West, if you want to know.
Here is their confusing comment  "After a solid start when there were no real expectations of grandeur, the Stars are 5-5 in their last 10 outings."
Logo_-_versus_medium 6
Sixth last week and this week? They're sticking with this?
Tsn_logo_medium  9
The good folks at TSN ask a good quesiton in a weird place here... Why can't Jamie Benn play more than 15 minutes a game?

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