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Defending Big D Live: Tonight At 7:00 PM CST!

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Join us tonight at 7:00pm CDT for a new episode of Defending Big D live, your only source for live Stars talk on the internet. Tonight you'll have Art Middleton, Brad Gardner, Pat Iversen &Brandon Bibb.

We'll ask the question: Are the Dallas Stars a true playoff contender and threat to the Pacific division title or will games like the had against Colorado on Saturday be more of the norm from here on out? We'll also talk a little about the ongoing NHL GM meetings and what kind of changes - if any - we'd like to see made to the great game of hockey.

Phone calls are always welcome (greatly encouraged!!) and you can reach the show at (347) 857-1323. You can also e-mail us your questions at if you're too shy to call in!

That chat room will be open here closer to show time.

The show page is here at Blog Talk Radio. We look forward to seeing you in the chat room. If you miss the show you can download it later, or better yet subscribe to us on iTunes. Profile_page_itunes_medium