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Dallas Stars @ NY Islanders: Who Starts in Goal For Dallas?

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The Stars and Devils played a spirited contest tonight in Newark New Jersey, complete with back and forth non-stop action and seven(!) goals, uncharacteristic for the Devils and their hall of fame net minder.

Dallas battled nervousness (whether they'll say it or not) in the first period of this game, surrendering a 2-0 edge to the Devils and nearly a 3-0 margin after Ilya Kovalchuk rang one off the post behind Kari Lehtonen in the first period before Brenden Morrow was able to cut the deficit to one off a brilliant pass from Mike Ribeiro.

The Stars face an interesting situation in Long Island on Saturday, as they have not faced two road opponents (nor a back to back) to start a season in quite some time. A win against the Islanders would start the Stars road season off at 2-0 and leave them with a dynamite shot at improving upon their abysmal 14-20-7 road record of a season ago.

Like so many back to backs last year with Alex Auld and Kari Lehtonen available, the questions becomes: Who will start in goal against the Isles?

The Dallas Morning News reports no such decision has been made yet, but that doesn't stop us from pondering the question at this late hour. Which would you start? Does the win sway you one way or the other?

Personally I go with Kari in this game as well. I want to know where his health truly stands and I know they have FOUR full days off with which to recover after this one before the home opener. Luckily I'm not the coach and I don't have to make these kinds of decisions.

What decision would you make?