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Stargazing: Morrows Back a Question Mark; Robidas Honored

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The regular season is close, but the AAC doesn't get really hopping until the 14th :(
The regular season is close, but the AAC doesn't get really hopping until the 14th :(

Today you wake up in a world where the Texas Rangers are playing a playoff baseball game in a matter of hours and the Dallas Stars season is a mere two days away. PLUS my fantasy football teams had a good weekend. How lucky are you? ;) I know, right?

The countdown to 6:00pm CDT on Friday evening will intensify tomorrow when we unleash our official predictions and also engage in Defending Big D Live! on blogtalk radio at 7:00pm CDT. For now I invite you to get caught up on your Stars related reading because the internets are teeming and bursting at the seams with hockey notes as the big day approaches.

  • Brenden Morrow got Sunday and Monday off after missing the game on Saturday and still couldn't practice on Tuesday. He's unlikely to skate tomorrow as he continues to battle some soreness in his back. The team remains hopeful he'll play on Friday but this has been going on for a couple days too many for my liking. [DMN]
  • In inflammatory news, some of you may be interested to know that Anaheim Duck draft pick Cam Fowler has a good chance of making the big club on opening night. [Windsor Star]
  • Stephane Robidas is honored by ESPN in a really nice piece here by Scott Burnside detailing what a tough cookie our Robidas is. Of course we all know this, getting to admire him on a nightly basis during the season, but this is a nice bit of recognition for him. [ESPN]
  • Yahoo! Sports has some power rankings here and lists Dallas as #25, then kind of urinates on our big hopes for Kari Lehtonen this season. Be sure to check it out! [Yahoo!]
  • A Montreal based blogger takes notice of Ribeiro's leadership role with the Stars. He's still got a bad rep up there for some reason when all I see him do is work harder and harder. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Andrew Hutchinson is unable to catch hold in Pittsburgh and will likely spend his AHL time this season with Scranton. [ESPN]
  • Life in Windsor has been a struggle so far for Jack Campbell. He allowed 5 goals in 40 minutes last Friday and his performance was so forgettable that the guy who wrote this game summary calls him "Campbell" and then later "Cunningham," for some reason. [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • The Liverpool board of directors is now getting into a public battle with Tom Hicks, releasing a statement claiming they "have received two excellent financial offers to buy the club that would repay all its long-term debt." Hicks probably prefers financial offers that would repay all of HIS long-term debt and line his pockets real pretty as he exits sports altogether. [ESPN]
  • Here's a Stars lineup that does not include Brunnstrom or Barch. We'll have more thoughts/discussion on this later, me thinks, so be thinking about it. (kind of like...homework.) [ADSP]
  • Mike Heika points out's odds on NHL teams. The Stars over/under on points is 88.5 and they have them finishing about 11th in the west right now. Brad Richards' name pops up in Hart Trophy odds? [DMN]
  • Go Rangers