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Defending Big D Live: "Season 2" On Thursday!

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Another NHL season gets underway this Thursday and of course another season of Dallas Stars hockey also brings along with it another season of Defending Big D Live - Our weekly podcast! Join the full crew as Brad Gardner, Brandon Worley, Pat Iversen, Brandon Bibb and Art Middleton spend the hour talking expectations and predictions before the Stars open their 2010 / 2011 campaign. We will be on the air LIVE (hence the show name!) on Thursday October 7th at 7 pm CST. We'll have show links and another reminder closer to show time!

Of course DBD readers will be welcome to join in as we'll have a chat room and an open line for fans to reach us... If you have a question you want us to read and answer on air, please feel free to leave it in the comment section below!

If you're new to the show, you can actually check us out on iTunes (just search "Dallas Stars" .. we're very easy to find) or go to our BlogTalkRadio page and check out past episodes where we've had guests including Brent Severyn and Mike Hieka!

See you there on Thursday!