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Stargazing: Dallas Stars Halt Home Losing Streak at Three

Marc Crawford let his team have it pretty hard after the Stars third loss in a row at home to open a six game stint at the American Airlines Center. Some said "good," and other said "It's about time!" Fans waited in earnest last year to see the animated coach they had heard so much about over the years but he rarely, if ever, delivered on that.

Who can blame the coach for picking his spots? If you yell at your guys every day, the message gets lost. The spectacle loses it's value. Don Nelson (former Dallas Mavericks coach) used to say he had a "six shooter," and that he could only fire off one of those bullets every so often. I think Marc Crawford is using a similar approach, and maybe last night's 4-0 win over the Buffalo Sabres proves it was a good time to use it.

The Stars get three days to rest and figure out how they're going to slow down the Penguins who recorded a shutout of their own in Carolina last night.

Happy Halloween.


And finally, it's a shame they cut off 50% of the tremendous effort on the Benn short handed play on the highlights... They should have given him two assists for that one.