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Dallas Stars Power Ranking Round-Up: Week 3

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We're trying out a new feature here at DBD: Power Ranking Roundup. It's a totally original idea that isn't being done anywhere else. #sarcasm

Some places do their power rankings on Mondays. Some on Tuesdays. Some haven't done them yet... After an ugly loss to the Ducks on Tuesday night the Dallas Stars numbers are all over the place here because of the disparity. So enjoy these #4 rankings and what not because they likely won't be that was next week.

You get kudos for hanging with a tough Predator team on Saturday, but that Ducks game is not going to do anyone any favors. Let's get a HUGE win over a really good Kings team tonight and see how that factors into things next week.

Apparently there's going to be one snide "Lehtonen won't stay healthy forever!" comment per week.

(Format stolen rather blatantly from the greatness of Japers Rink. Give them a click.)

Site This Week Last Week What They're Saying
They lose two of three in somewhat ugly fashion and they only move them down two spots. I love these CBS guys!

Here they actually moved up despite the poor week. They say "enjoy Lehtonen's health while it lasts." Thanks. We will.

5 This was tabulated before the Ducks game. They'll be going the other way next week.
Fox has a lot of bad things to say about them while ranking them 3rd. Again, the Stars will have to remain perfect the rest of this week to hold on to these high rankings.
They like Loui Eriksson's shooting percentage. That's my wife's favorite thing about him too. #sarcasm
7W 1W A precipitous drop here at SB Nation shows you that at least some people are really paying attention.
7 2
That #2 ranking was a little inflated anyway.
Yahoo_logo_medium ?
Still waiting for you, Yahoo. They had the Stars 14th last week so let's just assume that it's ugly and move on.
Tsn_logo_medium 7
They point out the many deficiencies in the special teams numbers. We're getting tired of hearing about it. (Can someone do something about that please?)

Click on logos for links to full power rankings.