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Stargazing: Dallas Stars Prepare For Ducks; Adam Burish is a Popular Guy

There's been a lot of talk about the Dallas Stars attendance issues of the pre-season and the early goings of the regular season (13,583 on Saturday night, btw, up from 11,750 the Saturday before) and I suspect we're not done talking about it yet. We don't want to talk about it, but it's such an abnormality for this franchise that it draws attention to itself pretty easily. The Stars fourth home game will be against the Anaheim Ducks tomorrow night at an unusually late start time of 8:00pm.

What does a late start time have to do with attendance? That might allow everyone to get there on time, you say? It might. It might also deter people from bringing their children to an event on a Tuesday night that's sure to go until at least 10:30pm, later if there's OT or a shootout. (I think this is more likely, personally)

The reason is that Versus has an "exclusive" two hour window to broadcast NHL games starting at 6:00pm tomorrow so the Stars and Ducks must wait. For most of you this isn't a big deal but for the people the Stars are trying to get into the building it's just the latest in a string of abnormalities to start the home schedule, having already changed a game time last week and going up against Yankees/Rangers. And oh yeah, three of the next four home games are during World Series games.

We'll have more on that tomorrow.

For now let's get back to what's happening on the ice...


  • Kari Lehtonen told the media this morning after practice "so far, so good" in regard to his health. The lanky savior of the Stars season so far will start his 8th consecutive game tomorrow night against Anaheim. [DMN]
  • Mark Stepneski says the Stars spent time in practice working on the power play which is 0-14 in their last four games. [ESPN Dallas]
  • CBS has an early preview for the game tomorrow. Cam Fowler has missed three games of the Ducks road trip with a broken nose. He could play tomorrow. [CBS]
  • I'm sure you've seen this humorous video of Adam Burish apologizing for his "virtual" self but we haven't covered it here at DBD so I thought I would link to it just in case. [Fox Sports]
  • Speaking of Adam Burish, you may also be aware of some rather unfortunate comments he made during last years Stanley Cup Finals. He was asked about it on Sunday night by NHL on The Fly. Broadstreet Hockey has the transcript.
  • While the Stars followed their Saturday loss with a day off, the Ducks were here in Farmers Branch having an intense practice in lieu of what was going to be a day off. Expect a focused group tomorrow night. [OC Register]
  • Mike Heika says if the Stars were in a BCS style ranking, they would get high marks for the strength of their schedule/victories thus far having played St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Nashville and Detroit. (That was a weird list of team to type there.) [Dallas Morning News]
  • CBS talked to Joe Nieuwendyk about the vague financial news of last week.