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Derian Hatcher Enters U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Tonight

Long time Dallas Star Derian Hatcher, his brother Kevin, and everyone's favorite hot bag of air Jeremey Roenick are just some of the names set to enter the US Hockey Hall of Fame tonight in a ceremony at HSBC Arena in Buffalo.

Hatcher was taken 8th overall in the 1990 NHL entry draft (just like Scott Glennie?) and played with the Minnesota North Stars before moving with the team to Texas and becoming an original Dallas Star. He went on to lead the team to it's first Stanley Cup Championship and became the first American captain of an NHL team to do so.

He went on to play with some other teams that we really don't like (I should be writing press-releases) and is now a player development coach with the Flyers according to Wikipedia, the standard repository for all knowledge and wisdom in the universe.

Hatcher and Roenick, being linked together in this capacity are of course being asked about the famous incident in which Derian helped Jeremy stop his jaw flapping in the wind problem for an extended period of time, though sadly not permanently. You can read a nice feature on all of that here at the Sharks NHL site.

This all is just an excuse, of course, to post this video... and congratulations to Derian.