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Dallas Stars Power Ranking Round-Up: Week 2

We're trying out a new feature here at DBD this week. It's a totally original idea that isn't being done anywhere else. #sarcasm

These power rankings are mostly hollow, meaningless distractions...not unlike unscripted "reality television," and yet we can't seem to look away. Here's a round up of some of the more high profile hockey news sites and their opinions about our little Stars and their 4-1-0 start.

They range from #1 all the way to #14 this week as some look at the record and vote while others look a little deeper into the issues the team is having before deciding where they fall amongst their peers. Take a look and complain or agree in the comments.

(Format stolen rather blatantly from the greatness of Japers Rink. Give them a click.)

Site This Week Last Week What They're Saying
They moved the Stars up 9 places and mention Brad Richard's hot start as both a positive and a negative. You know why.

After a ranking of 24th with a 2-0 start, this guy begrudgingly moves them up to 14 after a 4-0 start (ranking set before loss to Tampa). He's not a believer. After the Tampa game it's hard to blame him.

5 3 These guys moved the Stars down from 3 to 5 even though they were 4-0 at the time.
They have Toronto and the Stars on top. Both were defeated for the first time later that night. Brad Richards is also mentioned. Again. Funny how he doesn't get any attention until his contract is about to run out. Real funny.
5 5
Only Anaheim allows more shots, they say. True true.
1W 9W Our fellows at SB Nation voted the Stars #1 in the West. They promptly then lost to Tampa in embarrassing fashion. We're on to you, SB Nation brethren.
2 10 Another Richards mention. This will only get worse as the trade deadline approaches. They're all hyping him now so their trade speculation will carry extra weight in 2011.
Yahoo_logo_medium 14
Yahoo sees fit to bring Fabian Brunnstrom's name into it for some reason.
Tsn_logo_medium  1
TSN inexplicably names the Stars number 1. Probably so they can just cut them down by a huge margin next week. That's my homerish opinion.

Click on logos for links to full power rankings.