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Fabian Brunnstrom Clears Waivers, Will Head to Texas Stars

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The Dallas Morning News is reporting this morning that Dallas Stars forward Fabian Brunnstrom has cleared waivers and will likely head down to Cedar Park to join the Texas Stars tomorrow following their home opener at Cedar Park Center today.

Now Fabian knows exactly where he stands. No team was willing to claim him at a price of only $675k two seasons after his rookie campaign of 17 goals. That should give him a pretty good indication of how he's thought of currently. It's a tough thing, but at least in Cedar Park he will be given the opportunity to improve his game and show that he can be a force in an offensive role ("top-six" situation).

If he can do that, the Stars could trade him in the summer or put him on re-entry waivers and have someone split the tab on his salary this year if they claim him that way.

Mike Heika asked Marc Crawford the burning question everyone always has about Brunner today...

Crawford added that Brunnstrom needs to be tougher: ``That's the one part of the game that's missing from Fabian's repertoire. We all know he has skill, great puck protection skills and pretty good creativity. There's a knock on him and that is on that combative, dig in and fight through turmoil that is a big part of a lot of games. Guys that become good in the National Hockey League become good at it. They learn how to accept it and to deal with it.''

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