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Dallas Stars Jamie Benn Doubtful On Thursday vs Detroit

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Marc Crawford addressed the media on Tuesday after a (rather lengthy) practice and said that Jamie Benn, while making progress throughout the week would very likely be out on Thursday. Benn has missed practice every day since taking a hit along the benches on Saturday night and is said to be suffering from concussion like symptoms.

"Jamie Benn is better today," said Coach Crawford.  "Dave Zeis (Head athletic trainer) thinks that he'll be able to do some activity tomorrow, so that's a positive. We'll wait and see in the morning but he's positive he will be able to resume some activity."

"I doubt that he'll play on Thursday," he continued. "We're probably looking at down the road: Saturday, possible Monday, but this is a step in the right direction."

I didn't see Jamie anywhere around the locker room.

Practice lines resembled something like this:


So it appears, for the moment, that Wandell and Ott will be split up and that Steve could play some center (or Toby). Coach did say that Wandell would play some at center for sure.

"Wandell slid to center against the Islanders," said Crawford, "so he'll play center yes. On the other side of it [Benn's injury] we're hopeful that Jamie won't be out for very long and it's just another opportunity...whether Brunnstrom draws in, or whether we continue to go with Segal or Barch...those are all good options."

Practice went a little long, which I think we might as well construe as a good thing. They're working hard. Several media members (including former Stars players) commented on Willie Desjardins practices in a positive light. The penalty kill was an area of focus today.

How would you drawn the lines up without Jamie Benn on Thursday?