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Dallas Stars' Benn, Ribeiro Issues Coming at "Good Time"? (And other Stars Notes)

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We, like most of you, looked at the October schedule before the season started and said a collective "Ahhh man!"

A back to back (always bad) on the road (always bad) and then a four day wait?? (always bad)?? The good news is that it looks like we whiffed on all three of those so far.

The many consternations of the Islander game aside, the back to back was solved with two wins, the team that lost 14 of 16 road games in one stretch last year found TWO W's away from Texas, and now even the excruciating (for fans) four day wait seems like it's going to be beneficial. (Note how I didn't say "Benneficial". Because that would be punny, and stupid.)

Jamie Benn is having(?) concussion-like symptoms (or at least being tested for them all this week) and Mike Ribeiro was involved in a rather unfortunate incident on Sunday night leading to his arrest and a pretty awful AP photo that I'm sure the usually "styling" Ribeiro would like to take back. Were the Stars to have a game tonight this all would have been a rather large problem. Jamie Benn's absence forces a change in the bottom six of the roster and the nearness of Ribeiro's publicity would make for a much larger distraction than it will on Thursday.

Instead the Stars get Tuesday and Wednesday to settle down, evaluate Benn and watch this all play out before suiting up against the Wings on Thursday. Stars general manager Joe Nieuwendyk indicated that the matter with Ribs would be handled "internally" but we await word on whether or not that includes any additional punishment.

Meanwhile, people are all excited about power rankings for some reason and we have a few to look at...


  • First, the good. ESPN came out with their first rankings and refreshingly seem to have thrown out bias from last year, ranking the Stars and their 2-0-0 start 3rd. For the moment. [ESPN]
  • Then there is this curious ranking from the Columbus Dispatch of all places... MUCH MORE AFTER THE JUMP...
  • Despite a 1-1-1 record he puts the Blackhawks 2nd in his rankings, and the Stars 24th, with some pretty nasty (well, to a Stars fan) comments. Fun times. [Columbus Dispatch]
  • Mike Heika addresses the Brad Richards concerns for what is certain to be the first of a thousand times between now and February 28th (and possibly beyond.) Still, it's scary stuff. [DMN]
  • This CBS power ranking seems to make at least a little more sense, placing the Stars in at least the top half of the league. [CBS Sports]
  • The SB Nation power rankings will be out later today so keep an eye out for that. (I assure you I did NOT take last year into consideration in that voting.)
  • Kari Lehtonen and Toby Petersen spend some time with an organization that helps out victims of family violence. The real breaking news here is that they managed to take this picture that doesn't depict Kari Lehtonen has being 3 feet taller than Toby, which is how it seems in the locker room. []
  • For an ice cream headache, read more about Tom Hicks and his legal battle over Liverpool. [Dallas Observer]
  • Puck Daddy says these European games to start the season and falling a little flat, and I tend to agree. [Puck Daddy]
  • Kind of a tough break from Hjalmarsson here, maybe? If he had made contact more "shoulder to shoulder" this would not look so bad, but his shoulder misses and runs right into the numbers on the back of Pominville. Think a good thought for Jason Pominville because this is a pretty brutal bounce for his head to take after the hit.
  • The Ducks are 0-3. Just saying.