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Jamie Benn Treated For "Concussion-Like Symptoms"

After initially witnessing the hit on Jamie Benn from Saturday night, in which James Wisniewski laid out a vicious (but clean) open-ice hit that sent Benn flying back into the boards, I thought for certain he would be out for a significant period of time. The unfortunate part of the hit really came when Benn's head smacked the edge of the boards on his way to the ice. This left Benn wobbling on the ice as he certainly looked as if he had suffered a definite concussion.

After the game, however, the Stars declared he was okay and Benn was witnessed joking and laughing in the locker room. Yet the Stars warned that Benn would still be treated for a concussion until it was 100% certain he was perfectly healthy. Benn was held out of practice today and this afternoon Mike Heika of the DMN is reporting that Jamie Benn is indeed being treated for "concussion-like symptoms".

Marc Crawford, per Heika:

``You just continue to monitor him,'' Crawford said. ``I know Dave Zeis, our athletic trainer, is talking with him on an almost an hourly basis, seeing where he is at. Right now, you just have to be patient. He really doesn't do anything until he is symptom-free. Once he is symptom-free, he starts light exercise. Again, he has to remain symptom free. It is a process, it will take a little bit of time. We're aware of that, and we'll have to wait and see how he progresses to see where the timeline goes.''

Currently Benn is not being listed on the injury report but his status for Thursday night's home opener is certainly in doubt. Benn has been treated for similar "symptoms" in the past and with the NHL not taking any chances with head injuries, Benn will be held out of any action until he can prove without a doubt he is healthy.

That Benn is being treated for these symptoms after being declared "fine" after game likely means he has slight residual effects from the hit. In the past, I doubt that anyone would have even considered that a slight headache or some occasional slight nausea was a sign of any trouble, but with the knowledge of head injuries we have now -- tied with the league's crackdown on such injuries -- these symptoms cannot be overlooked, no matter how slight.

In his absence, Heika reports that the Stars are considering a checking line of Steve Ott, Brian Sutherby and Toby Petersen.