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Dallas Stars' Mike Ribeiro Arrested For Public Intoxication

And things were going so well.

I don't have anything to add to this as I don't think it is appropriate to comment on what these athletes do off the ice on their own personal time, but here are the facts from the Dallas Morning News and you can discuss it if you want.

We'll see after practice today if there will be any supplemental punishment from the coaching staff but...some people think it's notoriously easy to get arrested for PI in places like Dallas and Plano. I wouldn't know.

From the DMN:

Ribeiro, 30, was released from the Plano Jail about 4:45 this morning after his arrest at Ra Sushi Bar in the 7500 block of Lone Star Drive, police said.

He and three other people with him were taken into custody about 11:30 p.m. at the restaurant, off Spring Creek Parkway just east of the Dallas North Tollway.

All four face charges of public intoxication, while one those with Ribeiro arrested also faces an assault charge.

CBS 11 has a more detailed report with a quote from Joe Nieuwendyk. Evidently Ribeiro was dining with his wife and another couple and an altercation between women prompted the contact of law enforcement. (And an off duty officer was present at the time.)