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An Open Letter To Every Sports Fan In North Texas

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Dear Dallas (and surrounding areas),

There is one sports team in the area that deserves your attention. Despite all of the frustrations, there is a team in Dallas that still possesses all of the characteristics of a team you love to cheer for. It's still very early in the season but we've already seen more heart and determination than we witnessed all of last season and this is a team that deserves your support.

I know it's tough. The financial situation of the team has limited marketing and the ability of the team to target big free agents and a big splash over the summer. I understand how tough it is to see the franchise player let go as the team sought a new direction but that doesn't mean the future isn't as bright as it's been in a very long time.

This is a team that will continue to improve as the season progresses, one that has a number of young players hungry to make the big club and contribute as soon as possible. There are still some issues that need to be worked out and there will certainly be some frustrating times ahead, but no matter what this isn't a team that ever stop trying as absolutely hard as they can.

This is a team that in the past was the toast of the town but has recently fallen on hard times. With the recent successes of others in the area this team has seemingly been forgotten by everyone but the hardcore fan. What we need to see happen is for fans to come out and support this team as much as possible -- to go to watching parties, to go to games if possible but most all -- just give your support.

I'm not saying the other teams don't deserve their fans. I'm a fan of all teams in Dallas, almost equally. But when these teams fall apart at the worst moments, when these teams fail to show the heart we would most love to see it becomes even more frustrating. This one team, in a short amount of time, has proven they have regained the heart and soul that made fans love them in the first place.

The Dallas Stars are on their way up. I know that it's going to take more than just two wins for fans to come back, but this is a team that deserves the attention they're not getting. The 2010 Dallas Stars will have some tough times ahead and there's no guarantee a successful season is going to happen. But this is a team that has heart, soul and the ability to put forth 100% effort more often than not.

Support the Dallas Cowboys.

Support the Texas Rangers (COME ON CLIFF LEE!!!!!)

Support the Dallas Mavericks.

But don't forget about the Dallas Stars. We need more fans, more fan attention for a team that very soon will be back at the level of play we've become used to over the years. Jump on the bandwagon now, I guarantee it will be worth it.


Brandon Worley