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No Stars Games for DISH Network Customers?

Dish network has dropped Fox Sports nation wide (for the time being).


Stars fans will go without this year, Mike Heika reports this morning on his blog. That includes Mavericks, the final few Rangers games, the Spurs, Big 12 football games...everything. Last season DISH refused to broadcast about 20 Stars games and we heard a lot of consternation about that. That situation looked like it would repeat itself this season but this news is ultimately worse.

One would think, with the popularity of regional sports coverage, that this would get worked out fairly quickly. What household is going to subscribe to a cable service without FS SW? Not mine.

For hockey fans it doesn't get much better than Directv. They offer Fox Sports, Versus and the NHL network; All in high definition. Plus they will carry the Fox Sports+ alternate channel this year where as my beloved Verizon FiOS will not.

ABC news frames the discussion thusly:

Dish Network says Fox is blocking access to 19 sports networks and other TV channels as it demands a rate increase of more than 50 percent from the satellite TV operator.

"Fox is blocking access" ... Funny how the blame goes around depending on the verbiage.

DISH will be making NFL Network, NBA TV and ESPN Classic available at no extra charge to those affected.

(BTW, there has already been some misunderstanding on Twitter, somehow, that the Stars had something to do with this. That's not true. This is a DISH Network thing.)