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Defending Big D LIVE - Post Game Show Tonight


Defending Big D LIVE returns from the holiday break, as we go live tonight immediately following the game between the Dallas Stars and New Jersey Devils. Right now we're scheduled to go on air at 9:00 pm CST, but if the game runs short and then we'll start earlier. Our last post game show was a rousing success and our most popular show yet; we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did and we're looking to continue that magic tonight.

As always, we'll have a chat up and running. We'll also be taking your calls, so please come ready and willing to join in on the conversations.

We'll also be joined by John Fischer of In Lou We Trust, as he weighs in on the game from a Devils fan point of view. He's a great guy and runs a great blog so we'll treat him right, even if he's a New Jersey fan.

We'll see you then!