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J.S. Giguere And Dion Phaneuf Traded To Toronto Maple Leafs

The first big trade of the 2010 season has been made, and it's a major one. Brian Burke is intent on not letting his Leafs go down without I fight.

In two separate trades, the Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired defenseman Dion Phaneuf and goaltender J.S. Giguere. Here are the specifics, via

To Toronto:
Dion Phaneuf
Fredrik Sjostrom
Keith Aulie

To Calgary:
Niklas Hagman
Matt Stajan
Jamal Mayers
Ian White

The Leafs also traded Vesa Toskala and Jason Blake for J. S. Giguere and a first-round draft pick. You read that right: the Anaheim Ducks gave up Giguere AND a first-round pick.  No first-round pick. Apparently the Ducks really aren't that dumb.

How does this affect the Dallas Stars? For one, it takes one more veteran goaltender off the market as the trade deadline looms; the same with a big defenseman. Giguere was going to have to be traded, or at the very least bought out, after the Ducks inked Jonas Hiller to a four-year extension yesterday. The Flames, meanwhile, were desperate to free up cap space. Now, Phaneuf certainly wasn't on my radar for players the Stars would target, but it does change the trade landscape a bit.

See what it took to acquire a player like Phaneuf, are the Stars willing to pay that price? And is Calgary willing to part with Hagman? Just...checking.