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Defending Big D Is Taking A Field Trip

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It's a Sunday afternoon game, the Stars are searching for three straight wins for the first time since March of 2009, and things are feeling downright frisky around here.

So we're taking a field trip.

We're going to join up with the folks from Five For Howling during today's game, mingling with some Coyotes fans and generally stirring up some trouble. Here's how it works:

First period: We all head over to Five For Howling and join them to chat until the first intermission.

Second period: The Yotes fans join us at Defending Big D.

Third period: We retreat to our own corners.

For those of you that were with us for our last field trip with the Blues fans, you guys know it got a little ugly around here. This time, our numbers are greater and the Coyotes fans should be a bit more welcoming.

Hope to see you guys there!