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Stars Reverse the Whip on Flames...Well, Kind Of in a 4-3 Shootout Win

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I'll admit it.

After the run of penalties on Mikka Kiprusoff at the end of OT, I was really hoping to see the Stars win the game on the power play in OT simply because of the way the game ended the last time these two teams met in Dallas in early November.

You remember that game, right? Where the refs mistakenly called Nik Grossman for shooting the puck out of play from his own defensive zone. Even though he wasn't in his own defensive zone?

I wanted to see them score on that power play just to hear what bitterness would come from Brent Sutter's mouth in the post game press conference. He certainly wasn't a happy camper behind the bench when the first slashing penalty was called on Kipper. And I really wanted to yell 'Karma's a female dog, A-HOLE!!'

But alas, a shootout win will have to do. Still hate them in their current form, however.

And it's all because of the point Razor made tonight. You get the same amount of points for winning a game that ended in a shootout that Colorado got for thoroughly dominating the Stars Sunday night. It just doesn't make sense.

As for the ejection of Mark Fistric for using Eric Nystrom's helmet against him as a close range projectile weapon, well, it was deserved. But probably also a heat of the moment situation.

Good news is, Fisty doesn't have checkered past with the league and Nystrom was none the worse for wear after the fight, which came on the heels of a perfectly legitimate and craftily executed hip check. I think that'll play in a role in reducing whatever suspension Fistric deserves.

That incident turned the game around until James Neal deflected a Stephane Robidas point shot to get Dallas back in the game. Then Brad Richards scored the biggest power play goal to date this season when he tied the game on a 5-on-3 power play about midway through the third period. If Dallas doesn't score with that golden opportunity, I'm here to tell you Dallas doesn't win this game.

But won they did. And now they're just two points out of the 8th and final playoff spot.

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