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Steve Ott's Appearance on NHL Live! Today...

Editor's Note: Laughs2Loud, one of our favorite readers and someone most of us consider a great friend, has passed along to me this breakdown of Steve Ott's appearance on NHL Live! today. Most of us don't get the opportunity to catch these national appearances for the Stars when they happen during the work day, so I want to give some big thanks to Myra for doing this. Like many here, Ott is one of my favorite players on the team (except when he goes a bit too far) and I'm convinced he's going into broadcasting whenever his playing career is finished. He's such a great interview and it's awesome we have this breakdown of what he had to say today.

Our favorite petulant little ice troll, Steve Ott just finished an excellent interview on NHL Live! Luckily for me, it fell during my lunch hour. Here are some of the highlights.

The interview opened with a question about the Windsor Spitfires because they had just interview Cam Fowler of the Windsor Spitfires, who Ott had played with in the juniors. Steve's comment was that they are doing very well and are a regular "breeding factory" for excellent prospects these days, which he gets to see up close during the summers because that is where he does his off season work.

They asked him about how hard it was to play in today's game since he is something of an old school player. He replied that he has to walk a tight line and occasionally crosses but he feels that the refs "are very fair with me." And that "they allow me to compete." I thought that was very fair of Steve Ott to say, because there are definitely nights when it looks like to me that they aren't very fair and don't allow him to compete. My Otter glasses showing, perhaps?

Next they turned to a discussion on headshots and the Cormier suspension. Steve said he felt the full year suspension was right. No one wants to intentionally hurt another player and these have to be taken out of the game. He admitted that he has crossed that line before and said that the real onus is on the players to control themselves.

When asked about the team's feelings on headshots, he said they hadn't had much discussion but when this recent hit happened, "the whole team had been disgusted by the Cormier hit." They all needed to focus on playing clean but playing hard.

Then the talk turned to the Stars' play of late. Steve quoted stats that said basically when the Stars allow less than 4 goals they win. When they allow 4 or more goals, they lose.

They turned to Twitter questions and the first asked how his contract negotiations were going? He laughed and said "that is a good question." He replied that there had been some talk earlier but things were "pretty stale right now." He really chuckled a lot during this part of the interview. If that says anything.

The next Twitter question asked about his reaction to Patrik Elias' hit during the recent Devil's game. He said, "you know I was actually really pissed off about that." It had shaken him up pretty well and he almost didn't come back during the third. He was sore from it for the next three or so days as well. (That is one of the few times I remember seeing Otter look really mad.)

They wrapped up the interview with some of the usual comments about his offseason and racing hydroplanes with his dad. He said he had to quit racing himself because he kept wrecking too many boats but that he grew up racing on the Detroit River. And then went into some of the usual high praise for his Captain, Brenden Morrow and what it has been like to play with Mike Modano.

Afterward, both interviewers (I'm blanking on both of their names, sorry!) were very impressed with Ott's straightforwardness and thought he was a great interview. But of course, we've known that for quite some time.