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Haiti Relief Fundraiser Final Tally: A SUCCESS!!!

We have the totals in.....

Featuring over 55 separate users from across SB Nation, there were a grand total of 2,992 comments made during last night's fundraiser. Not quite the 4,000 comment goal we were shooting for, but one hell of a success nonetheless. The original pledge was for $0.05 for each comment up to 4k; since it's for a good cause and since everyone was so generous last night, Defending Big D will still donate the full amount as if we had hit the goal anyways.

That means, with everything tallied, our total donation for the NHL/UNICEF Initiative in support of Haiti Relief is:


Not an incredible sum by any means, but we're making a difference. We also had one hell of a time chatting with other hockey fans from around SB Nation, making new friends and it was perhaps the most fun I have ever had in a game thread.

I'd like to personally thank Bryan Reynolds, Teri Goodwin, Kristina Klopp, Brad Gardner and an anonymous philanthropist for their personal donations. If you'd like to make a donation in support of Haiti relief, you have a couple of options:

To donate to the American Red Cross CLICK HERE

To donate to the NHL/UNICEF Initiative CLICK HERE

I'd also like to thank everyone for staying up late and working all the way to the 11:59 deadline, coming up with discussion topics on anything and everything. It was a blast.

For the comment tally, and a look at who commented the most follow the jump.

Please note: Our tally software can only count five threads at once. Therefore the game threads and post-game thread were counted separately.

Game Threads I - V

Roll Call: laughs2loud, Kent K, Speedbump Joey, terig, Brandon Worley, Pat4OT, David Driscoll-Carignan, InfamousM, InYoFace, sandiegee, Brad G, Art_M, Mizzou12, BReynolds, Rather Dashing, Derek B, RealDealNeal, future, Arthur from Anaheim Calling, laurenb, TheCrow471, Becca H, Happy Girl, mymclife, Brad_Richards_Rocks, Zachary Zielonka, hrkac, Brandon Bibb, RobiJersey, Patty (in Dallas), suphalissa, CrackerJap, That'll Cheech You, RyanM, downinpockets, idunno723, SportsDalaiLama, UZ, ColeJ., Donut King, PeterR, sprdelfin, missy, GoStarsGo, Hopfenkopf, mfured20, Dalliquippa, schtimpy27, agvdstars, chileiceman, hiafex, chris1989, RPT
Total Users: 53
Total Posts: 2330
Total Threads: 5

Name # of Posts
UZ 225
RyanM 211
Happy Girl 171
Brandon Worley 153
Pat4OT 118
terig 114
Art_M 111
ColeJ. 99
Mizzou12 94
schtimpy27 72
InfamousM 70
TheCrow471 66
suphalissa 58
mymclife 56
laughs2loud 52
Derek B 51
Speedbump Joey 49
laurenb 49
missy 49
mfured20 47
RealDealNeal 44
Brad_Richards_Rocks 43
Brad G 38
sandiegee 37
RobiJersey 33
Arthur from Anaheim Calling 26
Zachary Zielonka 26
PeterR 25
SportsDalaiLama 24
Kent K 17
downinpockets 17
idunno723 13
Brandon Bibb 10
sprdelfin 8
Rather Dashing 6
David Driscoll-Carignan 6
hiafex 5
InYoFace 5
future 5
Dalliquippa 4
CrackerJap 4
BReynolds 4
agvdstars 2
chileiceman 2
hrkac 2
Donut King 2
chris1989 1
Becca H 1
That'll Cheech You 1
GoStarsGo 1
Hopfenkopf 1
Patty (in Dallas) 1


Post-game thread:

Roll Call: missy, downinpockets, suphalissa, schtimpy27, TheCrow471, RealDealNeal, UZ, Mizzou12, Happy Girl, terig, RyanM, Kent K, Brad G, Brandon Worley, Lifewish, Brandon Bibb, accharbs, Art_M, SportsDalaiLama, mymclife, Derek B, ColeJ., InYoFace, Pat4OT
Total Users: 24
Total Posts: 592
Total Threads: 1

Name # of Posts
TheCrow471 97
missy 96
schtimpy27 75
mymclife 58
RyanM 52
terig 43
Brandon Bibb 30
Brandon Worley 29
Kent K 23
Mizzou12 20
Art_M 11
suphalissa 10
ColeJ. 9
UZ 9
Brad G 9
RealDealNeal 8
Lifewish 3
Derek B 2
Pat4OT 2
accharbs 2
Happy Girl 1
InYoFace 1
SportsDalaiLama 1
downinpockets 1