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Haiti Relief Game Day Thread: Stars @ Avalanche


The fundraiser starts now!!

For every comment made from now until 11:59 CST, Defending Big D will donate $0.05 towards the NHL/UNICEF Initiative. Our goal (and limit) is 4,000 comments, and we're going to need a lot of help to reach it. Please, tell your friends, your family and call your co-workers; anyone who might be a Stars or a hockey fan.

We've already received over $200 in direct donations, which can be made via PayPal to If you'd like to pledge a certain donation amount for each comment, please alert me via email and then make the appropriate donation on Monday after the final comment tally. Once again, please alert me via email for any donation you wish to make so that I can add that to the final total.

For more information on the fundraiser and how you can directly help, please go here.

Otherwise, start commenting and enjoy the game!!

Note: For those that are visiting us from around SB Nation or elsewhere, tonight's game thread is for a good purpose. DO NOT come here to troll, and please leave your rivalry or biases at the door. This is a time to do some good, so please behave yourself.