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The Neutral Zone: Stars Get Up Close Look At Sheldon Souray

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After watching last night's insane 4-3 win over Edmonton, I have a few random thoughts to share and as we gear up for our big fundraiser tomorrow.

Yesterday, The Copper & Blue wrote an article about how Sheldon Souray would be the perfect fit for the Dallas Stars come the trade deadline. It's a great argument, we've even discussed this trade ourselves, and it certainly bears to reason that Souray to Dallas would be a decent move for the future of this team. He has a big cannon of a shot from the point, he's solid defensively and would help even out the minutes for the defensemen the Stars do have.

In talking with Derek Zona, it seems to be that what the Oilers would want in return would be some combination of Matt Niskanen, Tom Wandell and a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick. While I would hate to give up Wandell so soon, to nab a player like Souray would be worth it.

The big issue at hand, of course, are the financial terms. Souray is signed through 2011-12 at $5.4 million per season. While the hopes are that the Stars will be able to open up the pocket books a bit this summer, whether the team can afford to take on that contract at this point. Granted, there will be just $1.1 million remaining after the trade deadline it's unknown whether the Stars have the type of flexibility in their internal payroll to take on this contract without giving up major pieces first.

Of course, the pockets will have to open up this summer with so many RFA's and UFA's needing to either be re-signed or let go. The Stars are in desperate need of one more big defensemen and a goaltender; the supposed departure of Marty Turco will help free up finances as well.

If the Stars do indeed make some big trades at the deadline, including one that sends Turco elsewhere, the likelihood of a trade for a player of Souray's caliber increases.

The question for everyone here: is Sheldon Souray a player you feel the Stars should target?

More quick notes on the game after the jump:


  • Good to see Marty Turco come back from three games off and have a pretty damn good game. I shudder to think what might have happened to this team's psyche had he stunk it up in net once again, especially in Edmonton.
  • How fitting is it that the winning goal by James Neal was scored off a freak rebound, just seconds after Mike Modano literally kicked in the game-tying goal for the Oilers. Also, if you watch carefully, you'll notice that Brad Richards' big swipe at the puck caused Strudwick's stick to knock the puck to Neal.
  • I know everyone was upset about the Stars not being able to score on the two minute 5 on 3, but I thought overall it was well executed. The Oilers, and Dubnyk in particular, made some incredible saves to keep the puck out. Sometimes, you just get thwarted by spectacular play.
  • While the loss of Brenden Morrow, Jere Lehtinen and Mike Ribeiro hurts, we are seeing some young players get valuable experience and time on special teams. That's contributing to some confidence up and down the ice and we're seeing the results on the scoreboard. The confidence is feeding itself through every line, not just on special teams. Raw Sawada and Warren Peters with a strong forecheck, leading directly to the first goal. Great stuff.
  • The pairing of Steve Ott and Jamie Benn on the same line has been phenomenal. Never would have thought those two would make the big difference they have, but they truly play well together and compliment each other perfectly. Once again, in Brenden Morrow's absence, Ott is stepping up and he's been the best player for the Stars the past week.