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Defending Big D's Haiti Relief Fundraiser

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SB Nation hockey has already done a tremendous job supporting the relief efforts in Haiti. Silver Seven ran a fundraiser on Sunday and last night Pension Plan Puppets ran a tremendously successful fundraiser of their own.

As most of you noticed, we here at Defending Big D are going to be doing a fundraiser of our own. Watching our brethren up in Canada be so successful was inspiring and I want us Americans (and southern hockey in general) to show that we can step up to the plate. Most importantly, however, is providing as much support to Haiti as possible.

How does this work?

  • On Sunday, January 24th, we will open the game thread for the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche game. For every comment made during that game, Defending Big D will donate $0.05 in support of the Haiti relief efforts. Currently our goal (and our cap) is 4,000 comments. Currently, we will be donating to the NHL/UNICEF Initiative.
  • For a comment to count, it has to be useful and relevant. No one-letter comments.

How can I help?

  • Tell your friends, family, co-workers. Spread the word. 4,000 comments in one game is a lot and it's going to take as many of us as possible.
  • If you wish to donate directly, here are a couple of options:

    To donate to the American Red Cross CLICK HERE

    To donate to the NHL/UNICEF Initiative CLICK HERE

    If you do donate directly, please let us know so that we can add your name or organization to our 'thank you' list.
  • If you wish to pledge for the comment fundraiser, please contact me at defendingbigd (at) gmail dot com. It can be either a set amount or $0.01 per comment. Just let me know. Defending Big D will have a PayPal account to collect all donations. We'll be making one big donation to NHL/UNICEF after the fundraiser is completed.

Please spread the word as best you can. We'll be updating the site with any volunteers or donations we receive.

Hope to see everyone here on Sunday.