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1999-2000 & Current Dallas Stars Fantasy Swap

Editor's Note: I'm moving this conversation to the front page from the FanShots. C.Bob has come up with a great idea, especially considering the season the Stars are having. This is the exact sort of post that belongs in the FanPosts section, which I could just promote to the front page. For tips on the differences between FanShots and FanPosts, please read our guidelines found on the left sidebar.

From C.Bob's FanShot:
If you could swap a player from the current team to the '99-00 Stars, and vice versa, who would you send and get?

The change must benefit the current Stars, and give the '00 Stars at least similar chances to doing as well as they did (6 game Stanley Cup defeat). I'd be inclined to send Robidas and get Darryl Sydor. Robidas is a great and clutch player, but Syd fits in great with the system; he has a strong offensive bent, and more importantly, he has so much determination. This is the guy that, after he took an injury and couldn't skate anymore, tried to crawl to block the Devils' shots on net. After he made mistakes that led to game losses, he was thoroughly upset; one time he said that it was 'all his fault'. This may have affected his play for the worse, a lack of confidence, but he took every defeat personally. We need his spirit in the team.

Too often, the Stars fall asleep, don't stand up for their team or teammates, don't really try, and so on. Say what you like about Syd's skills now, but he had a lot back then, and he, then and now, is the antithesis of the Stars' current attitude.

Who would you trade?