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Ilya Kovalchuk Trade Scenario: What Would The Stars Give up?

Bear with me here. I know that the Dallas Stars don't exactly need another forward right now, and the big holes on this team are on defense and in goal.

But SB Nation's Bird Watcher's Anonymous has posed this question to the rest of the network: what would we trade in order to bring Kovalchuk to our respective teams? He's a highly skilled winger, he's RIGHT HANDED, and he has half a season left on his contract that is paying him nearly $7 million this season.

The Thrashers would want at least a roster player, a good prospect and conditional draft picks if Kovalchuk were to re-sign with the Stars after this season. Obviously, for the Stars to make this move (and there's no way they would) the team would have to drop salary in order to pick up the rest of his contract. Here are the conditions:

  • This offer is for Kovalchuk only.
  • The Stars would obviously acquire negotiation rights. The Stars could trade those rights prior to July 1st if an agreement cannot be reached.
  • No sign-and-trade proposals

So would you? Could you imagine a team with Brad Richards, Mike Ribeiro, Loui Eriksson, James Neal AND Ilya Kovalchuk playing forward?

Drop your suggestions for the trade in the comments section, or lambast me for suggesting it at all. It's just a fun exercise in the end.