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Bob Sturm & Mike Heika Chat It Up

Brad mentioned this in the comments earlier today, but there's such good stuff I decided it needed it's own post.

Bob Sturm is regular contributor over at the extremely excellent Inside Corner, and he's got a very detailed and informative chat up today with Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News. Here's a a taste:

Bob: Explain what you mean. They need more info on Turco?

Mike: Well, it’s a lot like Sergei Zubov. If a player is established and has a fairly high price tag, yet is still a bit of a risk, do you even attempt an offer if that offer would be deemed insulting? I mean, honestly, what would you offer Turco right now? $5.7 million again? I don’t think anyone would do that. So do you offer him $4 million? $3 million? And for how long? I think they will risk losing him rather than locking him in for a long term….They will watch him this year and decide if he is their goalie for the next years. If not, they will study the free agency market or look at thye kids like Richard Bachman or Tyler Beskorowany (my guess is they are both too young right now).

There's some great stuff throughout, be sure to check it out.