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[UPDATED] Dallas Stars Training Camp 2009: Andrew Hutchinson on Waivers

[UPDATE] No official announcement just yet, but the Stars are down to 23 players. Jamie Benn and Tom Wandell are still on the NHL roster, with Andrew Hutchinson being placed on waivers. More to come. [END UPDATE]

According to Mark Stepneski, Dallas Stars defenseman Andrew Hutchinson will be placed on waivers and sent to the AHL if he clears. Hutchinson was solid last season for the Stars in a fill-in role, but has had a rough preseason adjusting to Crawford's new system.

The Stars had eight defenseman under NHL contract and there was bound to be a move at some point to get that number down, especially if the Stars decide to go with two extra forwards. Before training camp began Hutchinson and Jeff Woywitka were on the short list of who might get the axe; Hutchinson struggled and Woywitka has been solid.

There are still 35 players on the roster, and we're expecting to see a full round of cuts later today. I'll be updating this post as news comes down.

By the way, the news on Hutchinson wasn't much of a surprise when he wasn't at practice this morning. Jamie Benn and Tom Wandell were on the ice however. Things that make you go 'hmm.....'.