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Stars @ Blues Gameday Thread

Next Game

Dallas Stars
@ St. Louis Blues

Saturday, September 19, 7:00 PM CST
Scottrade Center
Listen Online: KMOX 1120 AM

Opponent's Blog: St. Louis Game Time

Brandon W's out in the wilderness camping, so I'll be minding the store. Poor guy.

Check out the deplorable conditions he's suffering in.

I think we should dedicate this GDT to him because of such conditions. And speaking of GDT, the same ground rules apply from Thursday night.

These don't apply to just one person. They apply to everyone. (H/T to Japers' Rink)

  1. Be careful not to overpost.
    You should probably only post something if you think someone would want to read it.
    Rec good comments so people showing up late can skim through for what's worth reading.

We welcome everybody's contributions with contribute being the key word here. In other words, don't post something that's not really relevant to the discussion about the game.

Other than that, Go Stars!!! And have fun!!!