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Tampa Bay @ Dallas Game Day Thread (Rehearsal)

Next Game

Tampa Bay
@ Dallas Stars

Wednesday, Sep 16, 2009, 7:30 PM CDT
American Airlines Center
Radio: 970 AM (Tampa Bay Broadcast) Listen Online
Opponent's Blog: Raw Charge

[Update by Brandon Worley, 09/16/09 8:19 PM EDT] Brad will be at the game tonight and will be providing us with a full breakdown of the game. Also, it appears the Listen Live link for the Tampa Bay radio station does not work.

For those of you are new to the site or have joined us over the summer (and there are a lot of you), Game Day Threads are what I consider the best feature of our site here. It's an open thread to discuss the game with other Stars fans in an open, fun atmosphere. There are many of us who aren't in the Dallas area and our only interaction with other Stars fans are here on this site, so taking part in the game thread is our own version of watching party. Here's a good example of what a Game Day Thread is like, from the very first day Defending Big D went live.

For tonight, since the game is not televised and is only being broadcast on the radio in Tampa Bay (I'm hoping it's going to be online as well), then I'm considering this a rehearsal of sorts. A gathering of fans, to discuss the game. I'll be listening and keeping up with the game as much as I can, and updating the status in the thread. Won't you join me?

Go Stars!!