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Brenden Morrow finally hits the ice with Team Canada

Brad, Brandon and I are all die-hard Americans, so I can't promise much pro-Canada talk coming from us, although we will do our best to remain as objective as possible as we gear up for the Games in February. Art is  the resident Canadian around these parts, so we'll most likely let him provide the most coverage from their side as we approach the Olympics. Just like any other time Team Canada is getting a ton of coverage north of the border, but this year the pressure is on. Canada will be the favorites to win gold, and it will be a long four years if they fail to do so with the Games being held in their own backyard.

As we've been discussing all day today, Brenden Morrow has finally hit the ice tonight with Team Canada for the Olympic orientation camp. It's not a certainty that Morrow will make the team, but in my opinion they'd be insane to not have a player like him on the ice. Like any Stars fan, not having Morrow on the team for the better part of last season was extremely painful to bear. Now we are finally getting news that Morrow is out on the ice and fully healthy, something we all knew but is great to finally see nonetheless.

As I type this, the first practice is underway with Morrow playing on the second line with Mike Richards and Dany Heatley. A formidable line, but consider who's playing together on the top line: Rick Nash, Sidney Crosby and Jarome Iginla. Stephane Robidas is also present for camp, but he's thought to be a long shot to make the team. Canada has an incredible group of defensemen at their disposal, so it's going to be a tough group for him to crack. Still, it's an honor for him to be invited.

I know there might be some trepidation among fans about having Morrow and some other Stars players playing in the Olympics in the middle of the season, but I can't fault them for taking the opportunity to represent their country on the biggest stage.

Team USA started their camp last week, and Mike Modano was the lone representative of the Stars. He's also the last player remaining on the team that won the 1996 World Cup. With Brian Burke focusing on putting together a young, fast and skilled team many will be penciling in the USA as long shots to get a medal, with Canada and Sweden being the favorites.Burke has also stated that any American player is eligible to make the team, and he'll be making decisions based on how they play the first half of the season regardless of who was invited to the orientation camp.

If you're interested in keeping up with Team Canada's practices and how camp is going, Jeff Marek is updating fans on Twitter throughout camp.

After the jump, video of Brenden Morrow talking to the media before the first practice tonight.

Brenden Morrow at Team Canada orientation camp, August 24th.