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Stargazing: Modano, fellow Americans send off Roenick

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Stargazing is a daily assortment of Dallas Stars news, as well as a look at what's happening around the Pacific division and the rest of the NHL. Stargazing will run on Mondays and Thursdays, becoming a daily feature once the preseason begins.

Another week without hockey gone by, another starting today. I feel your pain, for it is also my pain. One might think that an early August search for Dallas Stars related news items might produce even less than their maladroit power play did last year; But I am happy to inform you that even in the deadest of times, there is always Stars related reading to be done as you peruse the Internet from your desk on this Monday morning...


Stars News and Notes:

Mike Modano, Chris Chelios and Keith Tkachuk made phone calls to the Jeremy Roenick press conference on Thursday, giving emotional well wishes to their fellow American:

It was at a point when Dallas Stars icon Mike Modano, through the magic of technology, spoke about the many battles he had with the colorful center and the friendship they share to this day that Roenick's quivering voice finally cracked.

"You made me a better hockey player," said Roenick, who called Modano the best American-born player of all time. "You were who I tried to be."

Somehow, to see him do it as a Shark at HP Pavilion doesn't seem to befit his legacy, but I think most will remember him as a Hawk/Coyote when they look back. Personally, I have plenty of respect, though, little love for Roenick. Even so, the emotional scene forced me to pause and imagine what it will be like when Mo decides to hang them up, as soon as 8 to 10 months from now, perhaps.

Let's be sure to properly enjoy seeing him out there this year, shall we?


And in a true testament to the rotting dead corpse that is NHL news right now, Richard Durrett brings you Dallas Stars Mike Modano and Steve Ott talking "social networking":

A search of Mike Modano on Facebook brings up a dozen or more sites. But none of them are Modano's.

"I'll see people out and they'll say, 'Hey, are you going to be on Facebook later?'" said Modano, who used to have a MySpace page. "They are surprised when I tell them I don't have a page."

Steve Ott, who said Facebook gives him a chance to keep track of his family and friends while away from home during hockey season, is careful to allow only people he knows as his "friends" on the site. And he stays away from Twitter.

"You have to be careful because it's just that one person that could mess up a lot of things in your life," Ott said.



James Neal beat up one young Columbus Blue Jacket last year, and apparently he spends his summers with another:

"It’s great," said Boll, who rents a summer home in Whitby, Ont. with James Neal of the Dallas Stars. "All summer long, you’re in the weight room with the same guys so it’s good to be able to come out here. Thanks to Wrighter for letting us come out here. the training is different, outside in the mountains. It’s just beautiful here and it’s a lot of fun."


The incomparable Mike Heika released his player profile on Trevor Daley last week.

There probably is no defensemen on the Stars who will see more immediate change than Daley under Huddy and the Stars' new system.


And The Hockey News did a quick 20+ questions with the young man worth reading, even if his taste in television shows leaves something to be desired. Here are a few:

Favorite TV Show:  "Probably The Real World."

Musical Tastes:
  "Hip hop – T.I., T-Pain, Lil Wayne."

First Job:
  "Hockey player."

First Car:
  "That I bought? Cadillac (diamond white)."


Logo_dallas_stars_medium chats with Mike Ribeiro on vacation, personnel, etc...

What are your thoughts on the Stars’ new head coach Marc Crawford?

"I have had a few talks with him. I am anxious to see how he coaches. I have heard a little bit about him and I believe he is going to be more strict than what we have had here during the past few years. I think this is good for us now, because with a new coach our guys will want to prove themselves again. We have a new coach and a new GM this year and our team will be in shape and ready to play."


And Hully and Mo's gets a little pub on the team web site


Around the NHL: