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Dallas Stars morning notes

Still waiting on Jonas Gustavsson

A Swedish news website has reported that Farjestad captain Rickard Wallin is in talks to sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs. What's important about this news is that Wallin and Jonas Gustavsson were reportedly close while playing together and the thought is that perhaps he can persuade the prized goaltender to choose Toronto.

Just like the Stars are hoping that Fabian Brunnstrom can be their ticket to getting "The Monster", there's no doubt that Brian Burke sees the same opportunity with Wallin.

Wallin says that he would love to play with Gustavsson again and says he hoping for both of them to end up in Toronto. It must be noted however, that Wallin has not been in contact with Gustavsson since he begain negotiations with the Maple Leafs.

It is thought that today should be the day that Gustavsson makes his decision as to which team he plays for. It's already early afternoon in Sweden and if there's anything we've learned in the past two weeks, it's that Jonas will take his time.