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UFA Chris Conner leaves Dallas and signs with Penguins

Smallish but scrappy forward Chris Conner who has been in the Dallas Stars system seeing time between the AHL and sporadic NHL stints for the past three seasons has now signed with the defending Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins.

With it being the fourth of July long weekend and everything (Happy Independence Day by the way from your resident Canadian-based Stars fan) it's easy to see how this one fell through the cracks - especially since I can't seem to find an actual report of it anywhere on the internetz, nor an official release from the Penguins!

But, SBN's Penguins blog Pensburgh broke the story (so a solid glovetap to them) and a quick check of the Penguins official website where we do in fact see him listed as a member of their roster, confirms that the unrestricted group IV free agent has signed with Pittsburgh.

Stars fans I am sure wish Chris and his family all the best as he continues his NHL career.