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Counting the Stars - #38 Dan Jancevski

Every day this summer Defending Big D will count down the greatest players in franchise history (both Dallas and Minnesota), based on the sweater number they wore. Keep coming back for a look at who's the best in Stars history. For a recap on the list so far, click here.

And here we thought number 46 was bad!  The good news is after this it's all clear sailing for good players at good numbers... The bad news we still have to cover number 38.  I know yesterday I said we'd cover a couple of different numbers but the DBD officials have thrown the red flag at 37 and we're going to put it under review and finish up the week with a solid debate for that number!  For now though lets look at 38...

#38 - Dan Jancevski

Before Dan, seven players had worn 38 for the Stars franchise and together they amassed 72 games played and 3 measly assists (two belonged to Mitch Messier and one to Mark Lawrence) ... yikes!  At this point we should be quite thankful he at least wore the number 38 before switching to a more agreeable defenseman's number 4.

Defenseman Dan Jancevski only adds to the games played category of those totals with seven career games in Dallas, but honestly his 6'3" frame lends itself more to solid defensive play which he displayed he was capable in the few games he did play with the Stars.  He's likely to be one of the key players for the Texas Stars this upcoming season, but should the big club run into injury issues he'll be looked upon to fill in those gaps.