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It's official: Long-time Dallas Stars defenseman Sergei Zubov moves on to KHL.

After learning earlier today that Zubov was close to signing in the KHL, TSN is reporting that he has indeed signed a contract with SKA St. Petersburg.

We've known this moment was coming for some time now, yet it still feels extremely depressing to think of Sergei Zubov playing anywhere but Dallas next season. The finances of the his KHL contract were not disclosed, but I can guarantee you it's significantly more than the Stars will willing to pay for the defensemen.

As much as we'd love for Zubov to finish his career in Dallas, the fact remained that there were significant doubts about his health and the Stars were hesitant to take another chance. I think the fact that he didn't sign with another NHL team is also significant, and says that Dallas was not the only team that had concerns. The KHL is working hard right now on bringing it's prized national players back to Russia, so you have to feel they're signing of Zubov as much a PR move as it was signing someone they thought will make a big difference for their team.

If healthy, Zubov can still be a great player and I wish nothing but the best for him in the KHL.

We've covered the impending departure of Zubov over the past month, here's some of the highlights: