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Sergei Zubov to the KHL?

Big hat tip to Mark Stepneski at Andrew's Dallas Stars Page for pointing us to the story.

A couple of weeks ago there was quite a bit of furor over Sergei Zubov and his future with the Dallas Stars and in the NHL after his agent spread the news about nine different teams interested in the future hall of famer. Since then, nothing. The Stars have stuck by their guns and will wait on deciding on whether to offer Zubov a contract until they are absolutely certain he is healthy. While several NHL teams were supposedely interested, there have not been any contracts offered.

Zubov has stated that is willing to play in the KHL if that is where his best option lies. According to Sport Express, Zubov is close to signing with SKA St. Petersburg. This may be his best option, since it appears that despite what his agent says NHL teams are not ready to give him the contract he desires.