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Counting the Stars - #42 Jon Klemm

Every day this summer Defending Big D will count down the greatest players in franchise history (both Dallas and Minnesota), based on the sweater number they wore. Keep coming back for a look at who's the best in Stars history. For a recap on the list so far, click here.

It's pretty slim pickings for us here at #42.  Only four players have ever wore the number with the North Stars / Stars franchise and of those four, only one played in more than one season with the team!  That man of course is our pick...

#42 - Jon Klemm

Say one thing about Doug Armstrong that we've already seen as we've gone along with this countdown: He loved his veteran players!

Klemm had already won 2 Stanley Cups with Colorado and was in his 12th NHL season when the Stars traded Stephan Robidas and a 2nd round pick to Chicago for Klemm and a 4th rounder back of November 2003. (Clearly not one of Army's better moments as a GM, thankfully they got Robi back).

Known more for being a rugged defenseman, Klemm did provide the Stars with stay-at-home muscle and ate up valuable minutes as a 2nd line defenseman in his first season and a half after the trade to Dallas. His last season in Dallas, 06-07 he was used mostly in a 7th defenseman type role only playing when needed for an injury fill-in but it was not only a role that he embraced as any good team player would do, but a role he excelled in providing the Stars with a very solid insurance policy in the press box that could be called upon when needed. It was his job as a 7th defenseman that had many Stars fans actually hoping that Dallas would resign him in the summer of 2007 to fill in that same role, but he signed with the Kings hoping that he would get more playing time there.

His biggest moment as a Star in fact came in the 06-07 season but was completely overshadowed and easily missed by most fans. His 2nd and final assist of the season (and ultimately his career) was the 100th of his 15 year career, but it came on Mike Modano's 500th goal against Philadelphia.

Despite the fact he only managed to play in just 172 games with the Stars over three seasons, he was respected by for showing qualities that all Stars fans easily embrace: Strong work ethic, dedication to team even in less meaningful roles and hard nosed physical play.